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Unique 1962 Sunbeam Alpine For Sale

For sale by Club member Michael Youngblood:

This is a recently restored and very unique Alpine because it includes all the factory options available for the car in its day that few cars had fitted when purchased. These option are: Hard top, 2 Electric overdrive, Oil cooler, and Tonneau cover.”

“In addition, I rebuilt the Roots redesigned five-bearing 1725cc engine (105.3 cu in) which was installed in Sunbeams after 1965. The engine I rebuilt was an unused short block purchased from Rick’s Sunbeam Specialties, Campbell, CA. This engine was actually manufactured in 1984. The aluminum head was refurbished by Mintz Machine Shop, SC, and the camshaft was sent to Delta Cams, Tacoma, Washington for their special midrange grind for Alpine cams.”

“An American Made Rebel wiring harness designed for the Sunbeam Alpine which includes a fuse block with a full complement of twelve fuses (5-20 amps) was installed replacing the original that had only two fuses.  In addition, all the interior dash lights and exterior lights including the seal beam headlights are LEDs.”

“All the dash instruments are 1962 originals, but the mechanical tach was refurbished and converted to an electric tach by Nisonger Instruments. The vintage clock was upgraded with Mike Eck’s custom printed circuit board which regulates the voltage so the clock doesn’t fail as did the original clocks.”

“The inclusion of a new Mocal oil cooler, chrome-mesh hoses, and fittings provides an efficient contemporary oil cooling system. A new soft top was installed in the summer of 2023. The car now has a full complement of covers: a tonneau cover, a soft top, and a hard top.”

“The new engine is well broken-in at 6,000+ miles. The car runs excellently and is a joy to drive especially on curvy roads with its 4-speed electric overdrive. This is a fully appointed Sunbeam Alpine Series II.”

“You will find non better!” 



Sunbeam Alpine for sale in Virginia
Interior of Sunbeam Alpine for sale in Virginia


Rare MG Brochures & Literature From the 1930s

For sale by Club member Mark Harris:

MG factory celebration brochures and sales literature from the 1930’s for sale.

Click here for a pdf file with photos, prices & more information.

Mark Harris


1963 MGB For Sale [GHN3L10410]

For sale by Club member Mark Harris:

“This rust free Florida car with the odometer showing about 125,500 miles was purchased from its decades long second Florida owner in March 2002.  The first owner kept the car for 8000 miles then sold it to the person from whom I bought it.  THE MGB was his daily driver during college, graduate school, and afterwards.  Original college parking stickers and period window decals tastefully adorn the car.  It was sold to me with a running spare 3 main engine/3 syncro transmission, many extra parts and a comprehensive, handwritten maintenance record beginning in the summer of 1969 (54,000 miles) and ending July 1992 (124,173 miles).  The car went into storage shortly after July 1992 and remained there until my purchase 10 years later.

The car underwent a thorough restoration during my ownership: The original engine was rebuilt by Tim Handy at MG Matters into “high performance street“  tune.  This included 10:1 pistons, alloy head, 1 ¾ carbs, exhaust headers, cam, bearings, rings, electronic ignition, plus correct 3syncro/OD trans, correct OD shift lever, OD speedometer, and 3.7 banjo c&p.  (The new speedo showed 92610 miles when switched out for the original non-OD speedo showing (1)26781 miles.) A new interior was installed and a white factory hardtop was purchased, rebuilt, and mounted. A full safety harness was added. It retains positive earth electronics. 

During my ownership, the car has performed perfectly.  It has been reliable transport for Club activities, long distant touring, and short back road drives.  It has excellent midrange power and is a quick, well mannered sports car.  Gas mileage on the highway is about 28 mpg.  New tires and excellent used wheels were purchased in 2016.  It is kept in a climate controlled garage.  The current mileage is 12577, meaning it has traveled about 20,000 miles since the MG Matters rebuild.

All work done on the car is documented on a  spreadsheet.”

Price $42,000

Mark Harris         

Update 4/19/2024:

  • The working, spare HC 3-main engine that was in the car when purchased plus two 3-synchro transmissions are available for $3000.
  • The spare banjo — configured with a 4.3 C&P and fine (25) spline Dana 27 LSD — that was in the car when purchased is available for $2000.
1963 MGB For Sale
1963 MGB For Sale
1963 MGB For Sale


1989 Jaguar XJS Convertible For Sale [SAJNV4846KC159257]

For sale by Club member Mark Harris:

“The car was sold by Gassman Automotive in Waynesboro, VA in 2010 with a mileage of 43506. The red paint is original and flawless as is the black convertible top, grey interior, and bright work. The
V12 engine had a major overhaul in 2013 with new rings and bearings, new crank sensor and rear ECU. Cosmetic options include a Nardi steering wheel and factory wire wheels. Performance upgrades include oversized fuel bodies, AJ6 high performance intake manifolds with K&N air cleaners & piping, free flow SS exhaust without catalytic converter, lower rear end ratio (from a 6 liter Jaguar XJS), and a GM 4L-65 4 speed/OD transmission with paddle shifters.

Gassman Automotitve has performed all maintenance and service since purchase. In 2018 at 55447 miles, a defective sparkplug boot and the brake accumulator were replaced. Oil/filter/AC service were performed at 57913 miles. Last year, the alternator was replaced. The car runs perfectly and is used for long distance touring and local car club activities. The current mileage is 59228.

The XJS is a beautiful and comfortable tourer. Because of the many modifications, it preforms like the larger 6.0 liter XJS with power estimated to be between 310-330 bhp. The GM electronic transmission with paddle shifters gives added performance and excitement.”

Price $25,000

For further information, contact Mark Harris

1989 Jaguar XJS Convertible for sale


Triumph TR4 Project – Eastern Shore

“Interested in selling out as I am not physically able to complete restoration. Asking $5000, must come to Eastern shore VA and take everything.”

Contact:; 757-710-4634.


1980 MGB w/Overdrive + Loads Of 1968 MGB Parts

For sale by Club member John Noggle, in the Scottsville, VA area

  • (6/79 Production Date)
  • Serial # GHN5UL494040
  • Comm# GU23T980597P
  • All MGB parts, new and used, go with this car
  • Price $9,500
  • If interested, please contact John Noggle at 434-589-3088
1980 MGB for sale 1
1980 MGB for sale 2
1980 MGB for sale 3


FREE Triumph Spitfire Parts – Roanoke

“I have a number of Triumph Spitfire parts that are free to a good home.

Please take all of them.”

For more, call Louie Cross at 540-529-4772. Please note: to avoid spam, we ask that you leave a detailed voice mail message and we will call you back.”


Free Rover 2000TC & 3500s Parts – Roanoke

I have accumulated lots of Rover P6 parts (2000TC and 3500S) that I no longer have use for. If you can use them, I’ll be happy to let you take them for free (you must take them all).

For more, call Louie at 540-529-4772. Please note: to avoid spam, we ask that you leave a detailed voice mail message and we will call you back.”  


1968 Raleigh English 3-Speed Bicycle For Sale

For sale by Club member Mark Lee, in Charlottesville, VA.

  • Very original 1968 Raleigh Sports bicycle, with a Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub
  • Leather Brooks saddle with nice patina
  • Still has the original pedals (had what I believe to be the original Dunlop tires when I picked it up last year; I changed them)
  • The original steel kickstand has been replaced with a lightweight, Swiss-made Pletscher stand.
  • There were two frame sizes available in 1968; this is the larger one (23”). I’d say would work for folks in the 5’8” – 6’ range.
  • Price: $120 or best offer. Must pick up in person. Please send a message to if you’re interested.

Pair Of 1979 Triumph TR7s For Sale – Roanoke

– SOLD –

“The convertible was damaged recently. Luckily, the frame is not damaged and still tracks straight. Recent work completed; front Koni struts, bushings, springs, ball joints. Tie rods, anti dive kit. The rear suspension in boxes.  As well as new water pump and gaskets and parts to remove intake. Carbs have new floats, Grose jets and bowl gaskets. It also has a Rimmer Stayfast convertible top and cover. Custom interior. Panasport rims. Lots of new and used parts. This car is still tagged titled and has current inspection.

The coupe was taken off the road in 2012 but does run, it would not take much to put it in service.

I feel these cars and parts will be better served with someone who has the interest to bring them back. All for $3,000.  Come take a look and test drive.”

“For more, call Louie at 540-529-4772. Please note: to avoid spam, we ask that you leave a detailed voice mail message and we will call you back.”